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  1. Answers to frequently asked questions can found here

In case of getting the car with Standart Insurance, deposit of 900 euro could be blocked on your credit card.

In case of there is no additional «Full Cover» insurance, You will need to pre authorize 1200 euro deposit for any vehicle. Deposit can be freeze only on your credit card (not debit card).

Please pay attention to main terms:

Mileage is unlimited.

You can not leave bourders of mainland of Spain on rented car.

The cost of the paid rent for unused days shall not be returned.

Insurance "Full Cover" does not apply in the case if a person is driving in excess of the maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood, under the influence of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, with a gross violation of the rules of the road (driving on the wrong side, etc.) using the car is not on purpose (race, etc.), while driving in non-designated place (rough roads, etc.), as well as the rented car driving by person who is not inscribed into the contract.


2.1. The Lessor shall provide the Lessee with the transport vehicle (hereinafter - the car) in the working order for temporary use, and the Lessee shall be obliged to make a rent payment for the vehicle and to return the vehicle to the Lessor in the working order on the day and in the time, specified in the Agreement as termination of the Agreement.
2.2. The car for lease is equipped in accordance with the list in Appendix 1 hereto, which is an integral part hereof.
2.3. In case if there is no additional insurance “Full Cover”, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay a security deposit in the amount of EUR 1200.
2.4. The Lessor and the persons allowed to drive the car must be older than 21 (inclusively), unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
2.5. The cost of the lease tariff INCLUDES: unlimited mileage, road tax, IVA 21%, compulsory insurance of the civil liability to third parties, tow truck in case of an accident, replacement of the vehicle in case of breakage (not though the fault of the Lessee), the service “second driver”. NOT INCLUDED: additional insurance, full tank of fuel, cost of delivery of the car at the customer’s location (to be agree on individually), and other fee-based options.
3.1. The Lessor shall provide the car in working order and with full fuel tank, and the car shall be returned with the full fuel or an empty fuel tank, depending on the selected fuel formula. The cost of the unused fuel (remaining) in the fuel tank shall not be refunded to the Lessee.
3.2. The Lessee shall not be entitled to change the car’s structure, remove or install its parts without the Lessor’s special permission.
3.3. After the expiry hereof, the Lessee shall be obliged to return the car to the Lessor, with all its belongings, with regard to normal wear, to a place agreed upon in advance.
3.4. In case of returning the car with a delay for more than 1 hour, the cost of one day of the lease shall be charged at the double rate for each day of delay.
3.5. The Lessee shall be obliged:
3.5.1. To pay the fines that arose during the vehicle’s lease; if the fine is paid after the expiry of the lease term, a charge of 40 euros will be charged in addition to the fine for its execution, and in case of non-payment, the Lessee’s data shall be sent to the police, and a payment request shall be sent to the address provided by the Lessee.
3.5.2. In case the car requires deep compartment cleaning after its return, the Lessor, at its own discretion, may charge 100 euros to the Lessee.
3.5.3. In case of loss of the electronic key, the Lessee shall additionally pay 100 euros or 30 euros in case of a key without electric control, and the cost of its handover by the Lessor.
3.5.4. The car should be returned to the Lessor’s parking place, or to another place agreed upon by the parties in advance.
3.5.5. The Lessee shall be obliged to pay the cost of parking (including after termination of the lease period in case if the car has not been transferred back to the Lessor in the proper order), trip on toll roads and other costs, associated with the use of the car during the lease period, except for the costs, associated with the maintenance operation and costs, incurred through the fault of the Lessor.
3.6. In case of damages to the vehicle or a car accident, the Lessee shall be obliged:
3.6.1. To immediately inform the police or appropriate authorities, and the Lessor.
3.6.2. To collect the personal data of the witnesses of the accident, and other possible information (photo or video coverage of the accident scene), that can help restoring all the circumstances of the emergency.
3.6.3. In case if there is the Lessee’s fault and there is no additional insurance “Full Cover”, the Lessee shall pay the cost of the car repair and the time of its downtime in the repair shop, based on the company’s tariff. The cost of the repair shall be determined by the official dealer of the brand of the rented vehicle.
3.7. The Lessor shall be obliged:
3.7.1. Provided that the Lessee complies with all the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the deposit shall be returned in 5 banking days after returning the car.
3.7.2. In the specified time and at the specified place to give or to accept the car.
3.7.3. To provide and accept the car at the agreed time.
3.7.4. In case of the car’s breakdown not at the Lessee’s fault, to eliminate the cause of the breakdown or provide another car as soon as possible.
4.1. When using the car, the Lessee must use proper care and caution in the operation, in accordance with the car’s technical characteristics, abiding by the traffic regulations currently in force for motor transport, and in any case avoiding any situation that would bring damage to the car and third parties. The Lessee shall also be obliged not to permit the driving of the car by persons different from those authorized for that hereunder; provided that the Lessee shall bear direct responsibility for any damage or losses inflicted to the car or third parties in any appropriate case. Any case of disrespect of what is set in these paragraphs shall be construed as unauthorized use.
4.2. The Lessee shall bear full responsibility for damage inflicted to the car’s internal and external parts due to its unauthorized use, and in that case he/she must pay all the costs arising due to that.
4.3. In case of payment enforcement by judicial procedure, the Lessee must pay all the costs arising from the appropriate proceedings, services of lawyers, attorneys and legal costs, even if his/her participation in the proceeding is not obligatory from a procedural point of view.
4.4. Unauthorized use shall include the cases listed above as an example, but not limited to:
4.4.1. Towing or pushing of any other vehicle, trailer or other object.
4.4.2. Driving in places unsuitable for public transport, such as beaches, race courses, forest paths, country roads, etc.
4.4.3. Driving along non-asphalt roads or roads that are asphalt but have serious defects, which may be the cause of damages to the car’s body bottom plate.
4.4.4. Driving in the car within restricted access areas, including airport runways and other roads used for aviation and/or military purposes.
4.4.5. Negligent response to the appearance of light indicators or warning signals on the control panel of the leased car; provided that, by signing this agreement, the Lessee shall declare that he/she knows those indicators and signals.
4.4.6. Transportation of property or animals and, particularly, substances that are dangerous, inflammable and/or hazardous for the car, its driver or passengers.
4.4.7. Transportation of people or property that, directly or indirectly, implies payment to the Lessee.
4.4.8. Sublease of the car.
4.4.9. Use of the car for any illegal activity.
4.4.10. Transportation of such amount of people or baggage that is excessive for the car in question, according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
4.4.11. Any manipulations with the trip counter or impact thereon, provided that, in case of any faults in its operation, the Lessor must be informed immediately.
4.4.12. Transportation of baggage or any elements on the car’s roof, even with the use of any suitable equipment.
4.4.13. Leaving personal belongings in the car in plain sight, so that they may be stolen, which would entail related damage to the car.
4.4.14. Making the car’s compartment dirtier than after rational and careful use.
4.4.17. Using the car to teach to drive, under any circumstances and/or to teach any skills related to being behind the wheel.
4.4.18. Driving the car without obeying the traffic regulations.
4.4.19. Driving the leased car by a person no permission for that pursuant hereto, whether as a Lessee and/or additional drivers.
4.4.20. Using the car after the expiry of the rental period.
4.5. Smoking in the car shall be punished in the form of a penalty in the amount of EUR 200.
4.6. A penalty in the amount of EUR 200 (two hundred) shall be established for travelling in a rented car outside the mainland Spain except Ibiza.
5.1. This agreement shall come into force from the moment it’s signed by the parties.
5.2. The Lessee shall be entitled to terminate this agreement at his/her own initiative, after a written notice to the Lessor 2 (two) days before the planned termination date. Provided that the rental cost will be re-calculated in such a case.
5.3. If the Lessee violates any terms and conditions of this Agreement the Lessor shall have the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally, without prior notice and with the relevant confiscation of the vehicle, regardless of its geographical location. In this case, the Lessor shall not be liable for things and objects, left by the Lessee in the car, at the moment of its withdrawal, but shall seek to take measures to protect the Lessee’s interests. The cost of the paid rent for unused days in this case shall not be returned. The Lessee shall be obliged to cover all the costs of the rental company, associated with the car withdrawal.
6.1. Any changes hereto or terms and conditions not set herein must be executed as an additional agreement hereto in writing and signed by both parties.
6.2. This agreement has been drawn up in Spanish (the Russian and English versions have only been drawn up for better understanding of the Lessee), signed in two copies, one for each of the parties, and drawn up in accordance with the legislation of the Kingdom of Spain.
6.3. The parties will do their best to settle disputes and differences hereunder by their own means, and in case it is impossible to overcome the differences on their own, the parties shall be governed by the legislation of the Kingdom of Spain and apply to court in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain.
7. I agree that my personal data can be used / transferred to national and regional authorities, insurance companies, public or private organizations regarding processes involving violations of traffic rules or the identification of drivers who have not paid for road charges, and so the same in law enforcement and judicial affairs of Spain and the European Union. I agree that my personal data can be processed in order to assess customer satisfaction. I understand that I can use my data access rights to correct, delete, restrict access.