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During the rent

In which form I need to return the vehicle in terms of purity?

Customer receives the vehicle in clean condition; we do not require to return the vehicle in original condition, however in case of excessive impurity (presence of large clumps of dirt, sand, and a large number of spills, etc.) you pay the vehicle cleaning costs, which is estimated by the manager to whom you return the vehicle (from 20 to 150 EUR). In case of return with “normal impurity” you pay nothing

​ What should I do if I need help with the vehicle on the road?

In this case you need to contact the roadside assistance by number 902 21 21 05 / 91 807 00 50 (24 hours) and reportinsurance policy number, plates number, name of the owner of this vehicle (in this case, owner Siomin Group S.L.), location of the accident and describe what has happened. Please note that the roadside assistance is not related to the vehicle rental company, so in case of language barrier you can contact manager of our company and he will call the roadside assistance for you.

If I need to return vehicle before the due date?

In case if You need to return the vehicle before the due date specified in agreement, it is necessary to notify us about the new date of return in advance by any convenient mean. Please note: Money for the unused rental days are not refundable.

If I need to extend rental period.

If You need to extend rental period, it is necessary to inform us about the new date of return by any convenient mean, and if this vehicle will be available, You will be able to extend its rental period. Extension of the rental period is possible only in the company office.

​What should I do if I had a vehicle accident?

In case of a traffic accident, it is necessary to put a warning triangle and wear special reflective vest, all of this can be found in the trunk of the vehicle. If you have an accident, there are no injuries and no disputes between the participants, in this case, you need to take a special Euro Protocol form from the folder with the documents in the car glove compartment, which must be completed and signed by the all traffic accident participants, leave a copy for yourself. If there is no agreement between the participants of the event, or there are injuries, it is necessary to call the police and ambulance by the emergency number 112.

​ If I have a punctured tire?

Even if you purchased the most full cover insurance, in case of puncture you will have to change a tire on your own or call the roadside assistance. Put the vehicle in a safe place. Put a warning triangle, wear a reflective vest, which you will find in the trunk. Make sure that all passengers have left the vehicle, also remove all the luggage from the vehicle. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools and spare wheel. Remove the wheel hub caps and loosen the bolts. Set the jack and lift the vehicle. Replace damaged wheel on the spare one. Lower the vehicle, remove the jack and tighten the bolts. Do not forget to remove the wheel, the warning triangle and the vest. If you have any problems with the replacement of wheel please contact the roadside assistance. If the spare wheel is not provided by the manufacturer, in the trunk you will find repair kit. It is a bottle with a special liquid, you need to fill the punctured tire with this liquid through the valve, drive about a meter to have liquid envelope inside the wheel and wait for 15 minutes, after that use a pump to inflate the tire and head over to the nearest service to eliminate the puncture.

After rent

​ What should I do if I get a penalty for the violation of traffic rules?

If during the use of the vehicle you get a penalty, regardless of whether the rent is over or not, firstly you will receive an e-mail notification, then you will be able to log in to your personal account on our website in the "Penalties" section, where you can view all details and pay for it on our website within 10 days, receiving a receipt by e-mail within 2 working days, the cost of this service is 20 EUR. Penalties have a grace period of payment, when you can pay only 50%, which means if you have received a penalty of 200 EUR, you will need to pay 120 EUR: 100 EUR penalty itself and 20 EUR payment services. In case of non-payment within 10 days, the penalty will be sent to your home address specified in the contract, and then you can pay it in full, with no grace period, in any bank of Spain or consulate of Spain.

​ What benefits loyal customers can expect?

Because we value our customers, who are loyal to our company and with whom we do not have any problems, we are willing to provide discounts from 1% to 7% of the rental cost, depending on the previous rentals. More detailed information about discounts for loyal customers can be found in your personal cabinet.

Before rent

​ How can I pay for the rent?

If you rent a vehicle in our company for the first time you can pay/pre-pay the rent of vehicle only by credit or debit card Visa or MasterCard. Permanent customers can choose the payment method of 100% cash/card at the moment of receipt (you need to register and send us an e-mail to to confirm your full name, after this you will be able to choose this option). Please note: we do not accept cards American Express, China Commercial, Diners Club.

​ Do I need to leave deposit or credit card details?

No, if you get «Full Cover» insurance. In other case deposit is 900 euros for any vehicle. Deposit can be freeze on your credit or debet card.

Whether the vehicle mileage is limited?

in case of more than 3 days - no mileage limit.

In case of 1 day - 300 km in total.

in case of 2 days - 500 km in total.

in case of 3 days - 600 km in total.

Can I travel outside the Spain borders on the rented vehicle?

No, any board crossing of the mainland of Spain are prohibited and punishable by a fine of 200 EUR.

Requirements to the driving license?

There must be a category allowing you to drive the rented vehicle with experience no less than three years. Driving license must be valid during the all rental period and contain the Latin text.

​ What are the age requirements to the driver?

The driver must be not younger than 21 y.o. and not older than 68 y.o., have driving experience not less than 3 years.

​ Fuel politics and types.

There are available only 2 types of fuel politics: “Full-Full”, “Full-Empty”.

“Full-Full” – price for this fuel system is 6 EUR. It means that at the moment of receiving fuel tank of the vehicle will be full and you have to return it also full. Just before the return you have to fill fuel at the nearest to the return location petrol station (maximum in the radius of 30 km to the return location). In case if the fuel indicator shows not full tank, you pay the cost of the missing fuel.

“Full-Empty” – this fuel system is free. It means that at the moment of receiving the vehicle you pay the cost of full tank of fuel according to the market prices without any charges (the nearest petrol station is taken as the price point). You can return the vehicle with any quantity of fuel, even empty. Size of the fuel tanks of vehicles is set by manufacturer. Attention!!! In this system you can pay for the fuel only in cash. Refund for the unused fuel is not acceptable in this system.

How can I pick up the car in the Alicante airport?

Procedure of picking up the car in the airport is quite simple and takes no more than 10 minutes.

After You get to the arrivals hall, You need to go up to the upper level of the airport, if You take the elevator, then You need button "2", after that it remains to leave the airport building through any door and be in the express parking lot, the car will be on the center of it, as a landmark opposite the Starbucks cafe. Here You will need to sign the contract, and take the key.

Will be very handy if text or call us when You will ready to pick up the car to our client service + 34 629935674 (WhatsApp available 24H).

How to return a vehicle in the airport?

Procedure of returning a vehicle takes no more than 5 minutes. Our employee will wait for you in the parking of the departure zone in the airport (sign “Salida”, “Departure”) at the time, which you have specified as the return time in the booking form.It is allowed to come 15 minutes earlier/later. In case if you need to return the vehicle earlier/later of the specified time, it is necessary to inform the company in advance by any convenient means.

​What is covered by the standard insurance?

Insurance which is included in the price includes the following:

Third party liability, which means, if you will cause the harm to the third party by your fault, whether it is someone's property or other person, compensation for the damage to a third party is the responsibility of the insurance company.

Insurance of driver, which means, that if in the case of a road accident driver will be inflicted harm to health, the expenses of treatment takes on the insurance company.

Roadside assistance, which means, in case of damage that occurred by your or not your fault, you can use the free assistance service on the road, if the problem cannot be fixed on the spot, the vehicle will be delivered free of charge to the nearest service to its elimination.

What is covered by the “Full Cover” insurance?

Full cover insurance covers the following elements of the vehicle:

Bodywork elements of the vehicle, such as bumpers, doors, hood, trunk, roof, bottom, wings, sills.

Glass and mirrors.



The loss of key (referring to its cost, excluding the cost of shipping/delivery if any).

Car stealing.

What is not covered by the “Full Cover” insurance?

Full cover insurance does not cover the following:

Interior elements.

Damage caused by negligence, for example, further use of the vehicle in the presence of obvious faults or incorrectly filled fuel.

The engine and transmission in the event of failure by the customer (for example the use of the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel).

The costs associated with the payment of fines, obtaining certificates from the police and other competent authorities.

Shipping cost /key transfer, if it has been lost.

When “Full Cover” insurance does not work.

“Full Cover” insurance does not work if a person drives a vehicle with excess of the maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood, under the influence of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, with a gross breach of the traffic laws (driving on the wrong side, etc.), using the vehicle for other purposes (race, etc.), while driving in not intended for that place (rough roads, etc.), as well as the transfer of control to a person who is not mentioned in the rental contract.

​ If you have insurance policy from another insurance company.

If you purchased insurance for the rented vehicle in the insurance company or from agent by your own, please remember, that this insurance is not «Full Cover» insurance. In case of damage to the vehicle by your fault, you pay for the repair, and then you will be able to request refund on your insurance policy purchased by your own.

​ How can I receive or return a vehicle in other plate (hotel, house, etc.)?

While booking you have to choose “receiving at the client’s location” and/or “return at the client’s location”. Also you have to specify the address and put a label on map, leave comment if needed. Our manager will look through the receiving/return options and will inform you about the price. After that you can confirm or choose another option.

​ Can I receive and/or return a vehicle at non-working hours from 21:00 until 09:00?

Yes, but in the case if you need to receive or return a vehicle at non-working hours, you pay 20 EUR extra. The total amount of the booking will include this service if non-working hours are chosen.